Truth be told, July was when I got the idea. Digitally, with the help of my iPhone and Canon, I take so many photos for work, events, projects. However, I rarely use my photography skills and challenge myself day-to-day with my everyday life. So I present to you: the Film Series. I won’t alter them in any way if I can help it, 75% of the reason is that I get these photos in .jpg format. But even then, in their original format, whether they are too bright or dark, miscolored or not, it’s still quite beautiful.

Each month, I will use as much film as necessary to capture my daily life. With the beautiful vintage look of film, I will be able to produce soft and nostalgic photos that I will only develop at the end of the month, allowing me to truly relive my months. However, film photography is not like digital photography and requires careful planning, true knowledge of your camera, and patience to get it right the first time.

I’m not a film expert at all, however, I’ve shot with my Pentax K-1000 for a year now and each time I pray I got it right. However, this series will actually force me to progress and critique my own skill while producing beautiful memories along the way.


film raleigh

Lighting is one of the hardest challenges to overcome in film photography. But alas, you can see my camera from my car window in downtown Raleigh. Arriving early to a shoot has some perks.



film raleighfilm raleighfilm raleighsunflowers raleigh

July in North Carolina means the craze of Sunflower Fields.

image8sunflowers raleigh

Looks so 80’s doesn’t it??

sunflowers raleighsunflowers raleigh image7image16image17

My lovely sunflower friend. Sadly the photos got overexposed because ???

My theory is I need to stop opening the back of the camera where you load the film. That’s like, the most basic knowledge. (She still looks cute though)

image15sunflowers film

Favorite photo this month. The colors, the richness of it, it’s unreal. I have all these photos in their physical copy and I kept this one tucked into my dresser mirror to remind me how bright life can be.

sunflowers filmimage18

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